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Re: MG in movie

To: Aubrey Schneider <>
Subject: Re: MG in movie
From: Bill Dudley <>
Date: Wed, 09 Oct 2002 10:22:17 -0600
Rubber bumper MGB GT's were produced and sold in Great Britian and other markets
from mid 1974 (called 1974 1/2 models) until the "end" in 1980.  However, the
rubber bumper GT was only imported to North America for a short period in 74 
1974 1/2 model).  Some of these cars were registered in the US in 1975 and were
called 75's, but they are really 74 1/2's.   Only 1247 rubber bumper GT's were
imported to North America.

Bill Dudley
67 MGB Roadster Original Owner
74 1/2 MGB GT V8 Project

Aubrey Schneider wrote:

> I rented a movie on DVD recently by the name of Crush. Besides being a
> fairly entertaining movie, it featured an MGBGT.
> Of note to my inexperienced eye, was that it had rubber bumpers. Having
> only seen CB GT's, is this an uncommon model?
> BTW it was filmed in England.
> Just wondering.
> Aubrey 75B

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