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Re: Refurbishing wire wheels

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Subject: Re: Refurbishing wire wheels
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Wed, 09 Oct 2002 12:20:41 -0700
I'm not sure exactly what you're asking, but British Wire Wheel, a local
specialist, quoted $150 per wheel for a complete rebuild -- strip, paint,
true. They won't do partial repairs (which I have to admit makes sense from
their standpoint).

You can see from that price that buying new is an attractive alternative.

Several years ago they did my chrome wire wheels for a slightly lower price
(since no stripping or painting was involved), but at that time they said it
was the last time they could do that.

For new prices you can always consult the Moss catalog.

on 10/9/02 11:37 AM, Hans Duinhoven at wrote:

> Well David,
> These wheels otherthere are much cheaper than these at the other side of the
> Atlantic.
> What's the difference besides the prices?
> What's the price tag for a chromed type?
> Kelvin any idea?
> Works should be done by a specialist I fully agree.
> Cheers,
> Hans
> '71 BGT Chr w/w
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> Subject: Re: Refurbishing wire wheels
>> Hans Duinhoven SEZ -
>>> Why not replacing all spokes and have the rim painted before respoking
> the
>>> wheel.
>>> Carefully check whether the fit onto the hub is whithout any kind of
> play.
>> Don't you need some kind of special equipment to respoke a wheel?
>> Seems like it would be awfully easy to end up with an eccentrically
>> rotating rim if you didn't have some kind of jig to keep the rim
>> and hub in alignment.  I bought plenty of $35 junkyard MGB wheels
>> in my youth, but it seems like all the hassle of doing this type of
>> work yourself isn't worth the ~$150 a new wheel costs.


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