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Re: Refurbishing wire wheels

To: Bullwinkle <>,
Subject: Re: Refurbishing wire wheels
From: Barrie Robinson <>
Date: Mon, 07 Oct 2002 17:34:56 -0400
This may be a good reason to avoid paint stripper etc.  Rust always forms 
in the nipples but it binds there.  When you use a chemical cleaner it 
washes out the rust that was acting as packing - so you get slack 
spokes.  I know this is not a good thing, using rusted wheels, but my wires 
were fine until I had them chemically cleaned - now I have to buy new ones 
- which may not be a bad idea

At 01:45 PM 10/7/02 -0500, Bullwinkle wrote:
>Chemical dip (like radiators)
>I would never use any paint stripper or chemical on wire
>wheels.  The stuff gets between the spokes and the hubs and
>between the nipples and rims where is will forever bleed
>back onto your new paint.  Only if you plan on completely
>disassembling the wheel can you use a chemical stripper.


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