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Re: wiring colors

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Subject: Re: wiring colors
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The only Lucas 'standard colours' list I have seen post-dates the MGB.

The cigar lighter is powered from the purple (fused always hot) and black
(ground) and illuminated from a red/white.

The purple also powered the courtesy light, which also had a black for its
integral switch and a purple/white from the two door switches.

For the radio there was a change between 70 models made in 69 and 71 models
made in 70.  In the earlier model there was no in-line fuse in the
white/green, there was expected to be one with the radio.  In the later
model there was an in-line in the white/green which then became a
green/black for the radio, washers, wipers and heater fan.  In both cases
the radio operated off the accessories position of the ignition switch.

The red/green comes off the first position of the main lighting switch and
goes to the map light switch (as well as the dimmer and the fusebox).  The
red/purple goes from the switch to the light.  This appears to make it a 70
model made in 69 which seems like it could have both the courtesy light
operated from the door switches and a map light operated from a manual

The hazard switch should have a brown (always hot, in-line fused in this
case only), light-green/brown to the hazard flasher, light-green/purple to
the hazard light, plus two greens that disconnect the turn signal when the
hazards are on.

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> I'm trying to complete the wiring of my 70MGB. At the center console, the
> DPO clipped some of the wires. What is the power source for the cigar
> lighter? Where does the red green wire go?Where does the red purple wire
> I have a courtesy light, hazard switch, hazard light and courtesy switch.
> Which wires are for a radio?
> Someone posted a lucas standard awhile age and I didn't copy it. Any
> sources?

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