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Re: Michelin Tubes

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Subject: Re: Michelin Tubes
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 10:44:55 US/Mountain
Denise Thorpe please chime in!!!  You are correct, I don't "need" a 
specific brand.  I've found, however, that Michelin tubes are built more 
sturdy than others, and since I've had 3 substandard tubes go flat, and 
one go to the level of non-repairable, I'd like to buy quality at this 

My local tire store informs me that Michelin tubes are almost non-existant 
now though, because everyone has gone to cheaper suppliers (and I mean 
cheaper in every sense of the word, not just financially).  The local tire 
store owner also agreed with me that Michelin tubes are higher quality, 
and for wire wheels would be longer wearing.

Phil Bates

> Phil:
> <<supplier of Michelin intertubes??  >>
> You don't "need" a given "brand".
> Ed

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