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Re: timing

Subject: Re: timing
From: Tim Baxter <>
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 08:20:16 -0500
> Strikes me that it takes some sort of event to get the timing off of 
> it 
> was when it was parked to the extent that it won't run at all.  I 
might be 
> more inclined to first assure a spark to the plugs and a flow of 
fuel to the 
> SUs, replace the fuel with new stuff, change the fuel filter, etc.

I agree, but I do have reason to suspect (a) the timing might be off 
and (b) it's been messed with since it was parked. Already plan on 
checking all the stuff you mentioned, but it's good to be able to 
negate as many variables as possible.

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