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GoodYear Bad Year

Subject: GoodYear Bad Year
From: Barrie Robinson <>
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 21:04:53 -0400
If you have GoodYear LRE tyres (Pick-ups, SUVs, vans) then take notice

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation aired a program, The Fifth Estate, on 
Tuesday night at 9pm.  Apparently the Goodyear LRE tyres are bursting all 
over the place causing an unacceptable number of fatal accidents.  The 
program maintains that GoodYear knew about the apparent design flaw but 
felt it was more economic to pay the damages for deaths than fix the 
problem.  GoodYear did improve the LRE's by adding a nylon cap to prevent 
the treads from flying off.  If you have a notation on your Goodyear LREs 
that they have 2 layers of Nylon then you are OK (hopefully) - If not, go 
very slowly to your tyre store and have them changed - and then claim 
against GoodYear.

As a rider - ALL my information came from the TV progam - Go to


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