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To: Neil Cotty <>,
Subject: Re: Back..
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 17:33:33 -0700 (PDT)
Jolly good show old chap.  I love the brown trousers
hip hip. (-;   I know it's lousy English talk but we
all can have a laugh at our selves can't we. Cherrio!!
Or something like that?
70B Heritage body shell
--- Neil Cotty <>
> Hi all,
> Disappeared for a few months, moving and all - still
> in the UK for those
> interested! I was selling my BGT V8 back then, but
> sanity prevailed and I've
> decided to keep it. :) I've just taken in a poor
> homeless 61, Mk1 Midget
> (948cc, drum brakes) to do a rolling restoration on.
> She's in pretty good
> nick - just a little neglected - aww! ;) I was
> getting bored with the V8
> being so reliable and having nothing to play with,
> and besides, our
> beautiful extended summer is begging for another
> month or so of top down
> thrills. <G> I haven't told my Mum I've got "another
> 'bloody' MG" yet, I'm
> too scared to, I think she'd disown me. ;) But my
> Dad understands..
> Oh yes and the CGT is being reinvented as we speak
> back in Australia. Hans
> Pedersen is doing a great job grafting on a Twin
> Rotor Supercharger, EFI,
> Roller-bloody-everything! Very exciting, brown
> trouser time!! :)
> Cheers,
> Neil

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