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Local Paper Ad - MGB/GT Special

Subject: Local Paper Ad - MGB/GT Special
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2002 08:58:31 US/Mountain
I saw the ad below in our local paper (Idaho Falls, ID - i.e. a long way 
from almost everywhere).  I don't know how accurate it is about the MGB-GT 
Special production numbers, but I did see this car some 3 years ago and it 
is the special version.  I have no interest in the car, etc. etc. but if 
someone would like me to check it thoroughly, let me know.  I may even be 
able to borrow a digital camera from a friend and take pictures.  It did 
need a complete restore, I do remember that from seeing it last time.  
Here is the ad:

Rare 1967 MGB/GT Special, one of less than 1000 built, very complete, 
needs complete restoration, easy project, $1500 obo

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