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Re: MGB GT Now RBB and TD comparison

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Subject: Re: MGB GT Now RBB and TD comparison
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Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 23:19:56 -0500
The suspension and engine on my TD are recently rebuilt, so I think it's
"all that it can be". It handles surprisingly well, and I can usually out
drag a fully loaded semi truck at the light. But, my '71 B performs better
in all respects. You just can't argue with double HP, disc brakes, and a
lower center of gravity. Which do I prefer to drive? The TD is actually more
fun to me. I feel like I'm in a time machine, and I enjoy the challenge of
driving it. I haven't driven a later model rubber bumper, but here's my
comparison with my '71.


    0 to 60 Acceleration      TD - 22 sec     Early or De-smoged MGB - 12

    Actually, the TD does not seem that bad on level ground. BUT, the low HP
really tells going up hills. This is where the club caravan looses me, and
the other T's.


    The TD takes curves surprisingly well IMHO, at least at the speeds I go.
I don't drive either car to the limit, but I have to believe the B will pull
more G's.

    Actually, the biggest problem I have with TD handling are the seats.
There is no side support in the seats. My butt slides long before the tires
start to squeal! This may be partially the fault of the flat reproduction
seat foams. The original foams were sculptured. The driver can hold on to
the steering wheel, but I can just picture the poor passenger sliding clear
out of the car. I suggest lap belts for aggressive driving.


    TD brakes are adequate, but remember they are only drum brakes. (Drum
brakes are useless for several seconds after driving through a puddle. I
learned this the hard way.)  I'm very satisfied with the stock B brakes.
I've made several panic stops in the B, and it stopped fast and straight.
I'm surprised so many people make brake and suspension mods to their B's,
when the stock performance is so good, IMHO.


    I never noticed any difference in steering responsiveness. There is
absolutely no slop in the steering of either car. If I was into vintage
racing though, I'd get rid of that gigantic steering wheel in the TD.

Bob Donahue (Still stuck in the '50s)
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Subject: Re: MGB GT Now RBB and TD comparison

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> Actually, late model B performance was on par with the TD. I
> have a comparison somewhere. And the TD was, arguably
> (actually, its probably not even arguable) a better handling
> car.
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> Last month had friend and his brother-in-law ride in and
> drive my TD.  The brother-in-law had once owned a TD back in
> the late 50's, and has just bought an 71 MGB.  They couldn't
> believe how more responsive the TD was to steering and
> handling when compared to the 71 MGB.  My brother, who's
> also driven both types, just thinks the 71 B needs a good
> suspension rebuild.  Anyone else do a comparison?
> Blake

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