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Couple of MGs for sale in CA, (Not mine, no $ interest)

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Subject: Couple of MGs for sale in CA, (Not mine, no $ interest)
From: "Andrew B. Lundgren" <>
Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2002 20:34:28 -0600
A nice lady named Susan contacted me because of my parts page.

She has 2 MGs on her property that she would like to "find homes for." 
I don't know the history of them.  (Or really much beyond pictures.)

The cars are located near Orland calif, about 100 miles north of
Sacramento on I-5.

There is a late model B.  I can't tell from the pictures if it is a RBB
or CBB.  (not quite the right angle.)  It appears to have an OD from
the broken switch on the shift level, and the dash is post '72.

The other is a Midget.  It is a '70 (split rear bumper...)  I don't
know much about those little buggers.  Not too much in the way of rust.
 (California cars...)  But they have spent too much time outside.  

Anyway, you can gather as much information or more from the pictures as
I can.  I put them on my website at:

Contact her directly for a viewing or to make her an offer.

Her email address (or her SOs) is

No financial interest, and I am in Colorado, the so the cars in CA are
too for me to know anything about.

P.S.  Kinda sad to see so many cars being sold on the list lately.  

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