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Advice on Midgets

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Subject: Advice on Midgets
From: "Neil Cotty" <>
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 00:47:54 +0100

Being new to all things Midget, I'm after some advice on a couple of things.
I'd like to get a copy of Original Midget & Sprite but it seems out of
print - any suggestions? Nothing on Amazon or Ebay..

My Car is Clipper Blue, I would like to see examples of that on the Web or
in Books - any suggestions? I can find very little information on this
colour on the Web apart from it being used on TD Midgets.

First thing I'll be doing after getting her on the road and cleaning her up
a bit is an interior restoration. The interior is all Blue, with Blue seats
and light blue piping but the seats are falling apart. Again, any info on
books that might show this colour scheme would be appreciated. Also, any
references to where I can source seat parts, covers etc in the UK would be
great. I see Moss USA wants $700+ per leather seat _kit_ - are they
kidding?! I'm hoping that is at least for two! We're going to try making our
own covers at any rate - I'd like to find the squabs, clips, webbing etc, so
suggestions please. :)

The Midget got a name this weekend - "Digit". Why? What's left of the Midget
badge on the back only spells DGET so that MUST be her real name eh.. <G> :)

"Digit" the Midget ;)

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