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Re: adjustment on timing light

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Subject: Re: adjustment on timing light
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Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 09:10:52 +0100
Seeing as how the adjustable light contains more parts it doesn't seem
unreasonable for it to cost more.  Besides which, that feature is worth its
weight in gold.

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Subject: adjustment on timing light

> Max,
> Thanks for the info on my system clock.
> Now, the adjustment I was refering to on the timing light. It's a new
> from Craftmans.  It has a dial at the rear which goes from 0 to sixty.
> it will do is if you want to set the timing to 20 degrees BTDC then you
> adjust the rear dial to 20.  Then when you read the light you should see
> timng marks at zero degrees when in reality it is 20 degrees BTDC.  s you
> the dial you can see the timing marks move. As I move this dial I should
> the tining marks somewhere!!
> Sounds like something which will allow them to charge more doesn't it?

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