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adjustment on timing light

To: <>
Subject: adjustment on timing light
From: "Mike Lewellen" <>
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2002 23:43:59 -0500

Thanks for the info on my system clock.

Now, the adjustment I was refering to on the timing light. It's a new light
from Craftmans.  It has a dial at the rear which goes from 0 to sixty.  What
it will do is if you want to set the timing to 20 degrees BTDC then you can
adjust the rear dial to 20.  Then when you read the light you should see the
timng marks at zero degrees when in reality it is 20 degrees BTDC.  s you turn
the dial you can see the timing marks move. As I move this dial I should see
the tining marks somewhere!!

Sounds like something which will allow them to charge more doesn't it?


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