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Re: MGB Stowaway vs. Folding Tops

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Subject: Re: MGB Stowaway vs. Folding Tops
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Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 10:12:53 +0100
Zip-out windows didn't start until 76, whereas folding (as opposed to
packaway) hoods were available as an option in most markets (standard on
Belgium-assembled cars) from inception and standard on all cars from 1970.
Clausager describes them as 'all superficially similar in design' and
doesn't mention any differences.

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Subject: MGB Stowaway vs. Folding Tops

> Can anyone instruct me in the differences between the Stowaway
> convertible top and the type that fits on the folding top frame? (i.e.
> How can you tell the parts apart visually?) Do all the stowaway types
> have fixed rear windows?

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