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Re: MGB GT Emissions test

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Subject: Re: MGB GT Emissions test
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Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 09:59:53 +0100
If the tests are similar to the UK where the limits become progressively
more stringent as the production year advanced then I can see why an early
car will pass more easily than a later car.  The engines were basically the
same throughout, so the factory had to add more and more stuff to make them
pass, all of which can deteriorate or go wrong over the years, and it became
harder to achieve.  At the end the factory were having to test every car and
do things like disable vacuum advance on some cars to get them through.

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Subject: MGB GT Emissions test

> The first time I went through the Illinois emission test I started making
> excuses about my old car to the tester so that he would go easy. I didn't
> even get to the second sentence when he told me it had passed. This was a
> BGT without all the junk they put on later B's. I can't imagine that the
> newer ones would have much trouble no matter what configuration of car.

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