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Re: MGB tire sizes

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Subject: Re: MGB tire sizes
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 12:41:21 -0700
165R14. Aspect ratio wasn't used at the time. It translates to about a 78
aspect ratio, I believe. This size is still available in some odd brands.
Vredestein is one.

My calculations show 185/70-14 should be pretty close in diameter, on the
high side. 175/70 would be about 1/2 inch smaller in diameter. But these are
"paper" dimensions, not real world rolling diameters.

My take is that (for general road use, not racing) you would want to go
larger diameter rather than smaller, if you have a choice -- ground
clearance is already iffy. And wider, of course, within reason.

on 10/14/02 11:43 AM, Don Malling at wrote:

> List, 
> Could someone tell me the stock tire sizes on an MGB roadster -- chrome
> bumpers 68 - 74. Also what was the aspect ratio -- 75, 80?
> I'm running 175 70 on my 73 MGB and was wondering how the diameter
> compared to stock. I'm also going to have to buy tires for my BMH body
> shell and may have to get them early in order to move the parts car(s).
> Thanks,
> Don Malling


Max Heim
'66 MGB GHN3L76149
If you're near Mountain View, CA,
it's the primer red one with chrome wires

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