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Re: Heat Shields

Subject: Re: Heat Shields
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2002 17:29:06 EDT
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> Listers and Engineers, 
> I have an Alloy shield for my MGC that protects the
> carbs from exhaust manifold and header heat.  It
> doesn't have any material on the exhaust side. 
> Someone on the MG Enthusiast list said it will just
> conduct heat instead of shielding the heat.  If this
> is the case, is there anything I could paint or attach
> in some way to the alloy to give it insulating power?

We need to get into heat shielding in a big way in the race cars with so much 
additional heat floating around.

The best shield would be some refractory material like asbestos or one of the 
safer modern substitutes.

Just having a sheet of metal is also quite effective to block radiation of 
heat energy - I use a sheet of aluminum on some stand-offs with no other 
material to shield a trunk bulkhead from the turbocharger unit in my Fiero - 
without the sheet of alloy, the heat burned/oxidised through the trunk metal 
and melted some insulation on some wires 12 cm away. With the sheet, no 


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