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Zenith Stromberg Users

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Subject: Zenith Stromberg Users
From: Dennis Luther <>
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2002 17:49:06 -0400
        I've survived the first year with my first "MGB", a 1977, and really
like it.  Its even running pretty well!  
        What I'd like to do is maybe compare notes with other MGB owners who
are trying to get the most out of their ZS set-up.  I've monitored the list
for a while and have seen some inquiries about them. I realize they have
their limitations but right now I'm not ready to swap carbs.
        I've installed the manual choke which helped a lot I think.  I was
hesitant to remove all the air pump and such but am in the process right now
of removing it, the gulp valve, and the EGR valve.  Does anyone know what to
expect or how to compensate for the lack of injected air.  I haven't started
it up yet - still have more clean-up stuff to do.
        Hey, I enjoyed the MG Haiku! 

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