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Re: Sputter & Quit

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Subject: Re: Sputter & Quit
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Date: Sat, 19 Oct 2002 15:11:28 +0100
Does sound like fuel more than ignition.  The emissions pipes could just
have chosen that moment to get blocked, causing a partial vacuum in the tank
and no more pumping.  If you get a big 'whoosh' when removing the filler cap

If not, check the flow rate with a fuel pipe pulled off a carb and directed
into a bottle, should get 3 or 4 SU clicks per second.  If that is OK remove
the air filters, lift the pistons, and blow into each overflow pipe in turn.
You should see fuel bubbling out of the jet.  If you have that on both cars
then the fuel system would appear to be OK, so if it still isn't running
it's time to move onto the ignition and check each plug lead for a good
healthy consistent spark.

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Subject: Sputter & Quit

> Hi All-
> I think this is an easy one but wanted to get some opinions before I get
> the hood.  My '74B has been running great. Today while on a short drive
> sputtered and quit. I choked it and it started, sputtered and quit again.
> Waited 20 minutes and it started right up. I was only a couple blocks from
> home and drove it in the garage.  Seemed to be fine. Suspecting fuel
filter (3
> years old) or other fuel related problem.  Any ideas would be appreciated.

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