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Question for "T" seriesowners

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Subject: Question for "T" seriesowners
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Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2002 13:29:50 -0500

Good luck on your quest. The first thing I would do, if you are not
already a member, it to join the local MG T Register. I know there is
one based in Portland. Let me know if you need a contact. I receive
their newsletter.

The difference between a TD and a TF. Well mostly one of styling. The
TF1500 has a bit more power and pep, and the option of factory wire
wheels, but otherwise styling. The TF is a bit more of a problem to work
on the engine given the fixed bonnet side panels, so access is

In addition to the books you have purchased, I would suggest you get
hold of the Complete MG TD Restoration Manual by Horst Schach. It's back
in print and available through the author. Perhaps someone can give you
the contact info.

Virtually all major and minor parts are available for either car,
although since there were 3 times as many TDs built, those parts are
more readily available used. Most new items can be had from either Moss
Motors or Abingdon Spares in the US (or one of their distributors).
Brown and Gammons in the UK is also a good bet (and often better stocked
and sometimes cheaper).

When looking, I would steer clear of any car which requires any
significant amount of wood or sheet metal replacement. There are plenty
of cars available on which the wood and sheet metal are sound. All of
the wood and sheet metal is available, but sometimes pricey, and always
a major undertaking to replace. You should be able to find a good
selection of restoration candidates in the $8000 - $10,000 range. Often
good running older restorations needing only some freshening and engine
work can be had for very little more. But again, the local T Register
should be able to put you in touch with a selection of cars. Then, if
you find something, for the cost of a beer or two, would often be
willing to look at the car with you to make sure of what you are buying.

The really tough parts to find in original condition would be primarily
the engine block and major castings, crankshaft (available but
expensive), instruments, chassis frame, and TD wheels. Most everything
else can be had, albeit at a price.

Lew Palmer
The MG Store

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> Subject: Question for "T" seriesowners
> Hi List: After I complete my 74 MGB in a few months, I would like to
> locate a
> TD or TF to restore. The classic looks are wonderful, and since I have
> been
> fortunate enough to own and restore several "vintage" British cars, I
> think I
> will be able to do the job as needed.(I think I can, I think I can.)
> I have ordered two restoration books as well as the T Series Original
> lots of photos and information. (This series has been a great help
with my
> other cars.)
> Anyway, what advice do you owners offer as pertains to the T. Would
> rather have a TD or TF? What are the differences?
> How much wood is inside to replace, how difficult and is all
> What parts, if needed are really tough to find?
> Lastly, do any of you know of a car or cars for sale? Maybe even near
> Oregon.
> Thanks so much,
> Dennis Barr
> Medford, OR.

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