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Parts cars -- 63 Engine in a 68 maybe

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Subject: Parts cars -- 63 Engine in a 68 maybe
From: Don Malling <>
Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2002 19:00:45 -0400

Looks like one of the '69 parts cars I'm looking at is a '68 which is
fine, but it has a funny engine number. The car number is GHN4U144935G
which is listed as a '68 in the Moss catalog. The engine is 18GUH11941
which is maybe a '63 in the Moss catalog? 

Maybe it was 18GBUH11941 and I missed the "B"?, but even that would be
pre '66. 

Anyway, getting to the point, if this is a 67 or earlier engine, does
that mean that the transmission is not a syncro -- a  67 or earlier, or
could the '68 or later syncro be used with '67 or earlier engine? 

The car is rough and is not running. 


Don Malling

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