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Re: Now what constitutes a "real" MG?

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Subject: Re: Now what constitutes a "real" MG?
From: Eric <>
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2002 11:36:31 +0930
If the manufacturer has lawfully stuck an MG badge on it - octagonal in
shape/design :-) - (and even better if the manufacturer *is* lawfully
called MG) then I would call the resultant vehicle an MG - a REAL MG.

You may or may not like the model or the developmental direction the
marque has taken, but that is your choice and doesn't stop the car being
a *real* MG.

What if the original, original MG company (run and worked by the sons
and daughters of Abingdon) had come to the same development result? 
Would the MG F or Z or MGT F car suddenly become a *real* MG?

Of course they aren't a 'classic' MG or a 'vintage' MG because you can't
make something 25/30/40/50 years old overnight - it takes 25/30/40/50
years of existance for that to happen.  The MGT F *will* become a
'classic' MG by definition in 25 years (well, at least by definition in
Australia).  Whether it will be a 'sought after' classic won't be known
until then, I guess.

You pays your money and you takes your chances if you are looking to
invest in a 'future classic'.

In the meantime, buy the car because you like it and want it.  To buy it
for the badge even if you don't like the car is silly (unless it is an
investment based on some crystal-ball gazing advice).

Frankly, I like the Trophy MGF on a par with some other sports cars and
if I was looking to buy a new sports car now amongst these the badge
would be the difference because I love the marque.  If it was a crappy
car then the badge couldn't make me like the car.

Adelaide, South Australia

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