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Re: Does anyone know what engine this is?(longish)

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Subject: Re: Does anyone know what engine this is?(longish)
From: Howard gentry <>
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2002 07:52:59 -0700 (PDT)
The Marina had two
> extra lugs cast on the
> back of the block to mate up with the stronger
> gearbox, and had a cast crank
> instead of the forged of the MGB, so certainly would
> have had different
> numbers to the MGB.  The TC had the same cam as the
> MGB.
     I am just wondering which Marina we are referring
to here.  I owned a Marina TC from new in England,1971
model. This one had the 1800cc engine,twin carb(TC in
England). The car, TC, was the two door coupe, 13 in
wheels. It was as fast OR faster than the MG-B's
running around East Anglia at the time. Handling was
poor due mainly to the very antiquated front torsion
bar suspension(very soft). The transmission was as
bad, mine lasted 11000 miles before it was replaced by
my was allsmbled with mainshaft spacer
washers in the wrong places. Mine also had a nasty
habit of releasing its' rear axles out of the rearend
at odd times, usually when cornering. This problem was
never addressed properly by the dealer, and continued
to do this up to the time I sold it to a nurse in
St.Ives in 1975. I covered 145000 miles with this
Marina, loving the power in a straight line, disliking
all else to some degree. 
     When I returned to the USA, there were Marinas'
of some sort here as well. These cars were in no way
comparable to the UK examples.
    The USA cars had little power, handled even worse,
and had seemingly different gearboxes and differential
gear ratios.
     Which cars are we referring to??I thought that
the USA cars even had different 1800cc engines.
Yours, Howard

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