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Road and Track - negative camber

To: MGS <>
Subject: Road and Track - negative camber
From: Eric <>
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2002 14:33:30 +0930
OK, I whined earlier that my tyres were shot (de-laminating) even thoguh
they are fairly new and I have only abused them for seven months.

A proper look at them shows the answer.

I went back to the tyre place to have a whinge to them and they pointed
out how 80% of the wear on the tyre was on the outside 20% of the tyre.

Being a racing and mechanical newbie it looks like I have a) missed the
opportunity to use close to 100% of the tyre/tread surface on the track,
and b) just wasted a few hundred bucks.  The front tyres are shot -
useless - dangerous.

Being only a wannabe racer in a wannabe racecar my thoughts were that
negative-camber A-arms etc were further down the track in my car
development and that they would not be the right thing to do for a car
that is driven daily (mostly).  I thought tipping the tyres out like
that would promote wear on one side of the tyre.

Now it looks like that small investment would have saved me $400 in
tyres.  See, I am one of those that learns by being beaten over the head
(and wallet) as many of my little stories illustrate.  There must be a
race-boy class I can take at night school somewhere, surely!?

Now my question... how much camber do I want?  How much camber do I
need?  How do I find out how much camber I want/need?  The current
configuration is stock standard (no, really, you can believe me or
otherwise about the rest of my car, but the geometry here is pretty much
by the book AS FAR AS I CAN TELL).

Adelaide, South Australia

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