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Re: Heater cables, shipfitters disease

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Subject: Re: Heater cables, shipfitters disease
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Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2002 20:24:45 +0200
Avoid cheap cables which have little steel in the outer cable.
I got this type from my regular MG parts store after the original was
acting as a short circuit.

The new one is too flexible in length, so the though moving valve
(especially around the "closed"position) is giving this cable a bad time.
So during summer time I hit the valve shut with a slam of the screw driver
as  the cable moved by the knob is not able to pass the hardest part in
closing the valve fully.

In wintertime Ieave the valve so that it is not fully closed... By this the
heat can be regulated normally.

Good luck.



'71 BGT

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Subject: Heater cables, shipfitters disease

> I ended up pulling the motor in Jasmine to replace the bearings before
> installing the blower.  While it was out, I decided that I should
> "clean up" the engine compartment and paint it to match the new body
> color.
> While I was doing that, I ended up pulling the heater core.
> While that is disassembled, I'd like to replace the heater control
> cables. What is a good source of them (preferably in the bay
> area). They are like bicycle cables, but solid core. Could I use the
> stranded wire bike cables?
> I tried going to a parts store to get the cable, but they didn't have
> any. I figured that it would be something like heater hose that you
> could buy in any length.
> BTW, I'm still looking for a cheap dashboard to use as a frame for
> building a new dashboard. It does have to be a "later" (I think it's
> post '68). I don't really care what condition it's in because I'll
> probably start afresh, I just want the stock "mounts" already there so
> that it's fit correctly without my needing to do fancy fabrication. If
> anyone has one that they are looking to get rid of cheap, please let
> me know.
> Another crazy idea that I'm playing with is to replace the reverse
> lights with something a bit more potent.  I know that there are some
> pretty small halogen lights out there these days, also various white
> LED solutions. Anybody have any suggestions or experience?
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