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Curvey roads, challenges and going fast.

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Subject: Curvey roads, challenges and going fast.
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Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 08:57:01 -0700
If you enjoy the things listed in the title, but don't want to get in
trouble, or worse yet in a wreak.  There is a legal and cheap way to do

Look in to Pro Solo2 racing in your area.  Also known as autocross. 
(Someone on the list said it was for cone weenies, but it is a lot of

In solo2 racing, you race on a flat surface, usually a large parking
lot, available air strip or something of the sort.  The course is
designed tight enough and with enough sharp turns to keep fast cars
down to about 60 MPH or so. You race against the clock so you don't
have to worry about finding someone's car in the seat next to you.  The
course is marked by cones.

As you are racing at lower speeds, and against the clock, the entrance
requirements are not so strict.  Your car needs to be safe. (No loose
wheels, no sticking throttle, etc.) And you need to wear an approved
helmet.  No roll bar required, no five point harness, no fuel cell

There are a lot of modern soap bar cars out there.  Civics, Saturns,
Subarus, Toyotas, Mazdas,  etc.  There are also several Vettes and
Porches.  And there are a few older cars as well.

I have only done it twice so far, and I had to use my Miata as I am
working though issues on the B before I can race it. (Hopefully next

The local group I have been racing with in Denver has a website at:

It is fast, safe and legal.  Much better than on the public roads.

My cousin has a camera he mounts to his roll bar.  He has some videos
from this season online here:
<>  They are large files, but
they will give you a good idea of what it looks like.

Andrew Lundgren

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