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Re: other cars challenging you

Subject: Re: other cars challenging you
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 10:12:31 EST
In a message dated 10/28/02 10:42:01 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

> If I can talk to the driver I offer to race him, but I get to chose the
> course.  If their dumb enough to say yes, I pick the most curvey stretch I 
> can
> find.

I am generally above street racing, being as old and mature as I <ahem> am. I 
did have one time, though.....

I had taken my MGA race car (by trailer) to a meet, and stuck a Supertrapp 
muffler tip and a temporary permit on it, so I could drive it on the street 
while there. 

The car is not conducive to drag racing (we gave up standing starts about 15 
years ago when a Mustang attempted to make road pizza out of the little 
sports racer that stalled in front of him on the grid), because the engine 
doesn't hit peak torque until around 5000 rpm, but I think I had 4.88 gears 
in it then, so with a bit of clutch slip it would do a pretty passable start.

When challenged at a street light on the way to one of the weekend functions, 
by a bit of a twit in an MGC (the 6 cylinders are always better than 4, and 
if you put enough chrome on it, someone is bound to be impressed type) I must 
admit my sang-froid slipped just long enough to leave the guy sitting 
(probably wondering what to chrome next).

Funny thing is that I would never have bothered if it had been some kid in a 
Honda or something - the fact that it was a twit in 'our own kind of car' 
somehow inspired my admittedly juvenile reaction. Plus maybe a surfeit of 
exuberance in driving the car on the street for the first time in 20 years.


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