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Re: Clutch Alignment Tricks?

To: Scott Allen <>
Subject: Re: Clutch Alignment Tricks?
From: Jim Evans <>
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 19:58:06 -0600
Scott - Sounds like you're on the right track with the clutch alignment tool
being used, but these cars are very difficult to bring together sometimes above
and beyond the issue of having the correct tilt on the engine.  The long bolts
are an excellent way to assist in drawing the two components together.  I assume
that the trans is still in the car...if so try this - remove the clutch disc 
the engine...take a metal file and chamfer both edges of each spline on the
clutch disc on the trans side to "funnel' the trans splines into position...put 
little grease onto the chamfered clutch disc splines (remember:  just  "a little
dab 'll do ya" with the grease).  For long bolts, I use coarse thread 'cause 
are a lot cheaper than long fine thread bolts.  Also, don't forget to drill out
the bell housing bolt hole by the oil lines...this hole is widely held to be
mis-positioned by the factory jigs leading to aggravation when trying to get the
5/16 bolt into position...drill to 3/8 to make your life easier.  I have also
started drilling the lowest driver side bell housing hole (the one that is used
for the stabilizer bar) as I  have come to believe that it is also a factory
screwup based on the number of cars I've seen where this hole also has alignment
problems.  Finally, make sure that the clutch disc has the flywheel side to the
flywheel and not vice versa...I did this once myself, and I admit it freely by
stating that "I did this myself once - in 1968".  'Nuff said.
Jim Evans

Scott Allen wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm putting a new clutch in my '74 1/2, and I'm having a devil of a time
> getting it to like up on the spline.
> Of course I'm using the correct alignment tool to make sure the clutch and
> plate are lined up properly, and I'm using long 5/16" bolts to line up the
> bell housing, but I can't get the clutch plate to line up properly on the
> spline.
> Before I destroy the clutch plate I'm wondering if anyone on the list has a
> tip for getting this done.  Currently I'm thinking of using the long bolts
> to line the bell housing up, and put a socket on the crank pully to turn the
> clutch and, (hopefully) get it to line up.
> Any help appreciated,
> Scott Allen
> 74 1/2 BGT
> 52 TD
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