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Re: Overdrive Transmission

To: Ray Wygonik <>
Subject: Re: Overdrive Transmission
From: Paul Root <>
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 13:16:50 -0600
I haven't done a swap, so I can't respond to the drive shaft length. 
I've read conflicting reports. It may depend on which OD transmission 
you got. There is a difference between 68-76 or so and the 77-80s,
apparently. Perhaps, you should check a catalog. Did you win the one
on ebay?

As to the clutch. I'd replace it and have the flywheel turned. How many
times do you want to pull the engine? The clutch parts all told are 
under $150.

As to your other posting. You hit the list on a bad day. Normally, we're
pretty good at staying on topic.

Welcome back!


Ray Wygonik wrote:
> I just purchased an overdrive transmission for my chrome bumber '74 MGB.
> Will probably not install until my son returns the car from Penn State when
> the snow starts to fly in earnest.
> Any advice on anything out of the ordinary I might expect?  Will I need a
> shorter drive shaft?
> My clutch has not shown any evidence of wear but once I have the engine and
> transmission out is it worth it to go ahead and replace?  How would I
> recognize normal wear from, you-should-change-this-now wear?
> I have been away from the list for several years.  Originally I did a
> complete down to the shell rebuild on the car so I do feel comfortable
> tackling the project.

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