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Re: Overdrive Transmission

Subject: Re: Overdrive Transmission
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 14:24:09 EST
Others probably (likely, actually) know much more than I, but it is my 
understanding that the drive shafts for 4-synch trannies are the same, OD or 
If the drive train is out of the car, do yourself a big favor and change the 
clutch, release bearing, etc at that time.  In the end, not much extra money 
for the peace of mind you get (What was THAT? Is it slipping!?!!)

Some people have an interesting way to check a drive shaft for proper 
functioning using a drill to power the input shaft.  That sounds like a good 
idea, but I don't know exactly how it's done.

Good luck.

Jay Donoghue
72 B-GT w/OD
66 Mustang (badly wanting a 5th gear)

In a message dated 10/30/02 1:27:28 PM, writes:

<< Will I need a
shorter drive shaft?

My clutch has not shown any evidence of wear but once I have the engine and
transmission out is it worth it to go ahead and replace?  How would I
recognize normal wear from, you-should-change-this-now wear?

I have been away from the list for several years.  Originally I did a
complete down to the shell rebuild on the car so I do feel comfortable
tackling the project. >>

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