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Re: Engine heaters?

To: Tim Holt <>
Subject: Re: Engine heaters?
From: David Councill <>
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 14:31:03 -0700
If you lived in the far northern climates, you would find heaters are 
essential and in some areas, you might even find parking areas equipped 
with plug ins for your engine heaters.

The dip stick heater will work but is not very efficient. In my cold 
weather experience, I have found the best heaters are ones that heat the 
coolant - the best being a freeze plug style heater and second best being 
the lower radiator heater. I have had bad luck with the heater hose pump 
heater things - on my Land Cruiser all it did was warm up the heater hose!

The problem though is finding the right heater for an MG. At one time, 
there was a listing for the 1 1/4" diameter (I think it was this size) for 
the B. Its a tight fit between the lower radiator hose and the union it 
connects to but it works - but for the Midget, I don't know. My 72B engine, 
acquired from a salvage yard in 1985 or so, came with a non-functioning 
freeze plug heater but I was never able to locate a replacement and it 
appeared they are no longer made.

Along with the dip stick thing there is also a magnetic heater that 
attaches to the oil pan, but I haven't tried that one out.

Usually, the lower radiator hose heater (850 watts roughly) can do its job 
in less than an hour even at 20 below (F). Usually with my B or BGT in good 
tune, it will almost always start in cold weather except when temperatures 
drop below about 5 above, then it starts getting iffy. Throw in the engine 
heater and then it will likely start to maybe 20 below. Lower than that and 
I have had problems like the accelerator cable sticking or other weird 
problems. The seat cushion normally starts to get hard at 5 above too.

David Councill
67 BGT
72 B
currently 16F

At 11:36 AM 10/30/2002 -0800, you wrote:
>Is an engine heater a "good thing" for an MG Midget for those cold
>mornings?  I've seen some "dip stick" type heaters for example, or is
>just putting a little space heater under the hood to run on the engine
>for a while (with engine off of coures) sufficienta?  I'm finding my
>little Midget is not a happy starter in the AM now that the cold is
>starting to hit.
>Tim Holt
>'74 Midget

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