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Re: Engine heaters?

To: Tim Holt <>, MG-BBS <>
Subject: Re: Engine heaters?
From: Bullwinkle <>
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 15:53:49 -0600

The best engine heater is the type that goes into a core
plug bung.  They consume little power (350-500 watts V.S.
1,200-,1500 watts for a lower rad heater) and warm the
block.  You'll get quicker heat in the cockpit.  You also
don't have to worry about heavy duty extension cords or
blowing home fuses or breakers.


South Dakota where it is now 25 F and snow on the ground. 
Early winter.  The weather has not been good for MG driving
this year.  10-20 F below normal and dry in April and May,
20-30 F above normal and dry in June and July, 10 F below
normal and wet in August.  20 F above normal in early Sept,
and 20-30 F below normal, wet, snow, and cloudy since mid
Sept.  I know as I've had only three days since Sept 20th in
which the sun shined so I could try and paint the house.

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