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Re: SU HS-4 vs SU HS-4

To: Don Malling <>,
Subject: Re: SU HS-4 vs SU HS-4
From: David Councill <>
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 21:24:29 -0700
This could get complicated, but I think the book should indicate the 
differences or some of the differences. Not major differences. But the 
AUD52 and I believe the AUD135 has the intake inlet for the distributer 
advance on the rear carb (later models, the distributer vacuum line 
connected to intake mainfold not carb). And somewhere later, AUD326 or 
maybe higher, crankcase vent connection ports were added (although I may 
not be describing it in the correct technical terms). Then there are the 
jet needles - dimensions changed and it went from a fixed to a "floating" 
needle. But that too is interchangeable - in my younger days, I used to 
take the pistons/jet needles out of my 65B and put them in the carbs of my 
71BGT during the winter because those short stubby needles seemed to give 
my BGT better cold weather starting abilities - about an extra 20F range.

So you could rebuild somewhat to older specs except perhaps the porting. 
Hard to say the full ramifications on performance.

David Councill
67 BGT
72 B

At 10:42 PM 10/30/2002 -0500, Don Malling wrote:
>'62 - '71 all use SU HS-4, but '62-'67 are AUD52, AUD135. The '69 is
>AUD326 (other differences for other years).
>What is the difference between the '62 -'67 AUD52/135 and the '69
>AUD326? Does the AUD52/135 offer any advantages over the AUD326, or are
>they the same? Is it just a question of the rebuild kit? That is, can I
>rebuild a '69 AUD326 to be a '62-'67 AUD52/135. If possible, is there
>any reason to do it?
>I guess my SU manual is not so good -- it doesn't address the AUDxxx's.

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