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Re: Multiple choice test - Don't miss this one! (Also Was"

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Subject: Re: Multiple choice test - Don't miss this one! (Also Was"
From: "Jerry Erbesfield" <>
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 23:27:52 -0500
Whoooow! - -  Looks as if that e-mail message has caused some
controversy. I came home tonight to many flames - and even a few
unsolicited supporters. 

I'd like to take a minute or two of your time if you'll let me to
explain what happened and to clear any misunderstandings:

1st. - I'm a mature, loyal, long time, well meaning MG owner and a
member of this list. I don't send stuff like that message to the list.
The worst I'll do is to occasionally, once in a while, I'll try to help
someone with a computer issue on the list because I know computers
pretty well and it takes a computer to interact with the list. I feel
that is an appropriate use of the list, to help keep someone active on
the list, if kept to a minimum, as I do. Many of you have seen my posts
over time on the subject of MGs and computer help from time to time and
know that to be true. 

2nd. - My thanks to Paul Root, who I have had amicable and pleasant
communications with through the list in the past. Though he may feel
differently than I do otherwise, I thank him for at least giving me the
benefit of the doubt and for coming to my defense in saying that this
message didn't look like it actually came from me. I do not have any
computer viruses and I've got a very tight firewall functioning on my
computer system. No hacker got into my computer either. However, I AM
sorry to say that I believe that this message DID probably come from my
computer to the list - and I humbly and sincerely do apologize to the
list for that if it in fact did come from my computer. It certainly was
not sent to the list purposefully. For the life of me I'll never
understand how it got to the list. This message IS actively circulating
the Internet right now and a message just like this one DID come to me
as an exchange of personal e-mail between friends and I did forward it -
but not (at least not intentionally) to the list. I was cleaning my
computer and e-mail intensely last night, deleting old messages. Maybe I
did somehow accidentally click on the list address and send it but
please know that if I did send it, it was a complete accident and not
intended. I would never (purposefully) do that. Not a one of you can
tell me that you haven't made a mistake such as this at one time or the
other if you use a computer. I wouldn't believe you anyhow if you did
try to tell me that.

3rd. - However, I apologize only because A). That message was not
intended for the list, B). Because I wouldn't disparage any race
religion, color, creed, national origin or sexual preference. C). I also
apologize because it did not contain MG content. 

4th. - I do NOT apologize for that message's content. I didn't write the
Damn thing! However, that being said, to be completely honest, I do NOT
especially disagree with the message content, meaning and message. That
message, in MY humble and entitled opinion, which in this country I am
thankfully and respectfully entitled to have, is not at all racist or
political. I'm conservative in my politics but, unless you are very
biased yourself, and looking for evil in it, that message is NOT
political or biased. It is simply factual and those that don't face up
to it or that try to read other meanings into it are just simply waiting
to be the next victim of terrorism. Reality is the truth here. Americans
ARE being purposefully killed by Muslims and Middle Eastern people - and
not very many Muslims or Middle Easterners are condemning their
countrymen for doing it. I just simply believe that in this current
environment, profiling, not especially "racial" profiling makes a whole
lot of sense right now. Idealist, intent on winning their personal
ideological "battles", are going to end up losing the "war" if they are
not careful. Some Muslim people and other Middle eastern people and now
their American sympathizers, ARE trying to annihilate us, pledged to
kill the Satin Americans, even if it means their own suicide. That
statement certainly does not mean or insinuate that all Muslims and
Middle Easterners are bad. Just as in all races, creeds, colors and
religions, there are lots of decent, law abiding, freedom loving and
loyal to America Muslims and Middle Easterners. I personally have Muslim
and Middle Eastern friends and acquaintances that I know to be very
decent people. - BUT it does mean that we better start paying close
attention and get our heads out of the sand. Those people that think
Americans are Satin are our sworn enemies. They "hate" and want to kill
us! - and they will if we sit passively by and talk about what is
"ideologically" right and wrong rather than standing up to the facts and
doing something real about it. Americans, lots of them, your family and
mine, are being killed or subject to being killed by these fanatics! 

5th. - I'm a conservative Jew, a member of a minority that has been
persecuted and misunderstood through history myself. I certainly don't
have a racist or bigoted bone in my body!

6th. -  I don't "hate" anyone. I just want to live - and to continue to
live safe and free in an open society. "Can't we all just get along"?

I apologize to anyone on the list that fees that THIS message shouldn't
have been sent to the list but after all the flames, misdirection and
hatred from last night, I felt that it was completely appropriate. More
people in all areas of life ought to be discussing these issues,
including on this list, where we enjoy the freedom to have a free open
forum such as this. 

LBC content - Do you ever wonder why we don't have MG listers from
Mainland China? If you don't know, reply to this message and I'll tell


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