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Re: Big Generators / Alternators.

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Subject: Re: Big Generators / Alternators.
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Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2002 18:42:23 +1300
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> It had a dual (perhaps triple) circuit 80A alternator.
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> AFIAK, alternators weren't being used in the period
> 1955-62.  There's a period photo of one of the LeMans MGAs
> and I don't recall seeing an alternator.

It was a supposition - based on the fact that large alternators / generators
were available in various forms for other applications, and it would have
been easy enough to convert one for use in a special purpose MGA.

As I recall, the unit in the Land Rover looked more like a large generator
of the period than a modern day alternator.

An example can be seen at  This went
into service in 1962. It was probably was available to the MG factory before
then.  Is referred to in the army manual as a generator, but its raw output
was 3 phase AC.


Ian F

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