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Re: "Why are there no listers from China?"

Subject: Re: "Why are there no listers from China?"
From: David Councill <>
Date: Fri, 01 Nov 2002 15:22:24 -0700
At 12:29 PM 11/1/2002 -0800, Parker, Richard wrote:
>Hmmm.  Never occurred to me to wonder why there were no listers from China.
>Haven't noticed any from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Belize, Guatamala, Chile,
>or Myanmar either, now that I think about it.  Sonuvagun.

And this shows the fallacies to the original reason on why there are no 
listers or MGs in China. I believe we do have listers from places like 
Greece, Bolivia, Israel, South Africa, and a few other places who perhaps 
could add their opinion on this. Although I live in the United States, I 
have lived in two other countries and I don't recall ever seeing LBCs of 
any kind in either country (Turkey & Colombia). Unlike China, both these 
countries are democracies. Plus even if China had more freedoms or was a 
democracy with a more active Internet presence, it is likely we still would 
not have any listers from there.

Why do I say this? First, to have listers, we must have MG owners. I would 
suspect MGs and LBCs in general are either non-existent or rare in lots of 
places like the Middle East and Southeast Asia. This is for several 
reasons, economic and cultural. For one thing, the availability of service 
and parts are very scarce. If parts have to be imported, it could be weeks 
or longer to get them. Road conditions in many of these places put low 
clearance vehicles at a serious disadvantage. There is more prestige in 
owning larger vehicles with more carrying capacity. And in many of these 
countries, they have less driving regulations than the US (in that sense, 
they have more "freedoms" than we do). In Turkey in particular, since there 
are less driving rules (at least when I lived there), the number one rule 
of the road is that the bigger vehicle "takes" the right of way. This 
aggressive driving puts smaller cars at a serious disadvantage, making them 
much less appealing to own.

At least this is my impression. In the past on some of these political 
discussions, some listers have been quick to point out that we are an 
international list, not a USA list (I don't use the term "American" because 
technically anyone from North or South America is from the Americas and 
thus an American as the Colombians pointed out to me, USA/Canada/Mexico are 
"North Americans").

I for one like to hear more from the international community - particular 
those  listers in some of the countries I mentioned above who are probably 
our lone LBC representatives in their communities. How do they see things 
and how do others take to their cars?

[On a OT note - I know we have a lister in Tel Aviv, Rob I think. If 
someone has his email address, I could possibly use his help as I have a 
Windows/Hebrew character programming issue I will be researching in the 
next day or two.]

David Councill
67 BGT
72 B

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