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Lazy Me....

To: Hans Duinhoven <>
Subject: Lazy Me....
From: Charles & Peggy Robinson <>
Date: Fri, 01 Nov 2002 16:10:06 -0600
  Ya wanna hear another, "most reprehensible" workaround?

    The first time I wanted to use the heater on my '69 B. I couldn't
get any airflow thru the heater.  So after cleaning all the debris out
of the inlet & the box, I discovered the problem to be that the tab
attached to the door that's controlled by the airflow knob on the dash
was broken loose from the door.  It overlaps the door and the cable is
rigid enough to push the door shut but it won't pull it back open.  I
got it all the way open with a long screwdriver but that leaves no flow
to the defroster ducts.  After looking at the amount of work involved in
removing the heater just to get at the door, I took the lazy way out.  I
set the control between "screen" and "floor" and positioned the little
door against the tab.  So now I get airflow to both feet and face, which
is actually the best way to go anyway.  That way, you get heated air to
both feet and face.  Drafty as the car is, top up or down, it's good to
have warm air over the face on a cold day.

Lazy me, ;^)

Hans Duinhoven wrote:
> Thanks Charly,
> Seems to be just another variant - workaround for the design pitfall.
> Once you get to live with these and keep thinking it's a 60's design, I do
> not complain,
> Cheers,
> Hans

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