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update starter & fuel tank

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Subject: update starter & fuel tank
From: Aubrey Schneider <>
Date: Sun, 03 Nov 2002 09:13:07 -0800
Hello listers,

An update on the starter that wouldn't turn. After cleaning,sanding & WD
40ing all connections, the starter still exhibited that tock noise
without turning. After a few days, I realised that it was turning every
time & of course she fired up perfectly.
Could this be The Prince of Darkness playing tricks?

Near catastrophe with my fuel tank.

Had a leaking fuel sender (result of attempting to replace same) & I
decided to use a steel putty a-la JB Weld to stop the sweating/drips. In
order to affix the putty, I had to drain the tank, as the constant
weeping of gas contaminated the putty.
I attached a pump I have had for a number of years, turned it on & the
gas started flowing. Suddenly, the pump sprang a leak (old gasket I
guess) & began gushing gas everywhere.
My dilemma, disconnect the pump, which was simply plugged in to a live
extension cord & risk the spark as it was pulled free or find a
container into which I could place the pump, thereby stopping the
gushing onto the concrete floor & my asphalt driveway.

BTW, I had numerous containers lined up to fill with the gas being
pumped out & as I switched from one container to the other, there was
some spillage onto the floor as well.

As soon as I had some stability, I rushed into my workshop, grabbed a
bag of sawdust, rushed out again, changed containers & started spreading
the sawdust to catch the gas on the concrete & driveway.

Long story/short. I managed to conclude the gas exchange without further
incident, cleaned up as best possible & began applying the steel putty.

Somehow, I remained very calm during this incident, whereas, I should
have been close to panic. Afterwards, when I had finished with the
putty, cleaned up & gone into my workshop, I began to shake like there
was no tomorrow, thinking WHAT IF........?

Lessons to be learned. Keep your equipment maintained & check equipment
prior to use.

Man, that was a very powerful lesson.

Also, does anyone have a solution to cleaning gas stains on concrete &

Aubrey 75B

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