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RE: Help about cylinder heads numbers

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Subject: RE: Help about cylinder heads numbers
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Date: Sun, 3 Nov 2002 17:30:57 -0700
Poke around this web site. It's there somewhere:

Larry Hoy

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> Subject: Help about cylinder heads numbers
> Hello everyone,
> I have 2 cylinder heads that I am not able to identify...  
> They seem to be for  A-series engines but I cannot find these 
> numbers anywhere...  Maybe someone can help me...
> One of them is the number 3E6 ( this is also written CAM4044 
> and ECAM4004 on it)...  The second head is number 24C7
> Someone know what the application for these heads are??
> Or if someone want to buy them cheap , I will be happy to 
> free some space in my  workshop!
> I also have a crankshaft with the number 2A717 on it... Any 
> hints on it?
> Thank you very much for all your help
> Jean-Claude

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