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Re: socket for clickadjust

To: William Killeffer <>,
Subject: Re: socket for clickadjust
From: David Councill <>
Date: Sun, 03 Nov 2002 16:59:33 -0700
It is a relatively common socket and likely to be at Sears and most 
hardware stores. Its a 1/2" socket and uses the 1/2" drive.

At 11:35 AM 11/3/2002 -0500, William Killeffer wrote:
>Hello listers,
>It's great to be back. I had to change ISPs and was suffering withdrawal
>from the list, but all is well now.
>I bought a Clickadjust at our local show and noticed that a 1/2" drive
>socket with 3/8" hole clearance was needed to use it. I can't remember the
>size of the tappet adjustment nuts on my 74 MGB with a rebuilt 71 engine.
>Assuming I can get the size, is a socket like what I need available at Sears
>or some other such tool-selling store? Any help or advice would be
>William Killeffer
>1974 MGB
>1993 BMW 325is
>1993 Ford Explorer w/ over 190000 miles on odo
>1997 Chevrolet S-10

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