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Re: convertable top five jobs

Subject: Re: convertable top five jobs
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2002 02:50:41 EST
Andrew wrote:
"I am thinking about caribou canvas for the $ and the canvas.  I have
heard the 3 month horror stories yet and remain undaunted as I have
also heard that eventually they come through."

I ordered a Caribou Canvas top for my 1977 MGB last October and didn't 
receive it until almost March.  I think they wait until enough orders come in 
for them to pull out the patterns and make a batch.   They make the zipper 
rear window for both types of frames-I highly recommend it.  Every time I 
called the guy, it was "you'll get it next week."  I have a friend who has 
ordered five tops from this same gentleman, and has never been disappointed, 
but be prepared for the wait.  I think it is too late to order it for this 

That said, the workmanship, materials, and fit are topnotch.  The price is 
very hard to beat.  Make sure you have a bunch of people and a warm day to 
put the top on as the thick fabric has to be stretched VERY TIGHT to remove 
all of the wrinkles.  Measure, chalk, stretch, fit/refit, tack down, stretch, 
fit/refit, stretch...  It is not a difficult job, but it takes patience.

The top came with all of the "lift-the-dots" and the slide clips installed, 
but needed the snaps installed that fasten to the frame and windshield.  Make 
sure you order enough snaps, the header rail seal and aluminum channel it 
fits in as well as the pop rivets.  

As for more difficult jobs...reinstalling the oil pan with the engine in the 
car.  Getting the oil pan off was the easy part.  But getting those last few 
7/16" nuts threaded back in without jacking up the engine was a bear!  Even 
with the car on a floor lift, with 1/4" drive ratchets, flexsockets, swivel 
sockets, breaker bars...I spent too much at Sears on that job!

Good luck!
Steve Sanchez
1977 MGB

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