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Newbie: questions (LONG)

Subject: Newbie: questions (LONG)
From: "Gavin Dennis" <>
Date: Fri, 08 Nov 2002 12:02:49 -0500
I just found this list and it happended at a great time.  I have a '70 MGB 
(split chrome bumber) that I have repaired since 15 years old (now 28).  I 
wrecked the car in a parking lot after college and haven't been able to fix 
it, until now.  It bent the front frame rail where the bumper brakets bolt 
to it, causing the fender to hit the tire, yadda yadda.

My question is this:  what should my first step be in preparing the car for 
auto-x.  I will have to drive it to the events because i can't trailer it 
with my VW.  I don't want to restore the car because it is by no means 
perfect but lots of fun.  I have been auto-xing for a while and think this 
would be a fun car to race.  Is it competitive at FSP or should i try to 
keep in in H-stock?


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