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Re: shot myself in the foot again...

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Subject: Re: shot myself in the foot again...
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Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 09:53:47 -0000
Hardly surprising.  Even taking a pair of carbs off and putting them
straight back on would require setting up from scratch in my book.  Putting
them on a different car, or dropping the linkage, ditto, even assuming they
were spot-on to begin with.

You need to go slacken all the linkage clamps and balance the air-flow (both
on- and off-idle) and mixture for both normal running and fast-idle and
choke.  You might like to look at the web site below and click on 'Spanners'
and 'SU Carbs'.


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Subject: shot myself in the foot again...

> I decided to try an experiment which didn't work out so well. I took the
> dual SU's and manifold off my 73 B (which ran great beforehand), and
> them on my 80 B in place of the Weber DGV I had on it. I was very careful
> not to disturb the carbs during this process. I didn't muck around with
> of the adjustments, etc.
> I could not get the 80 to run with the SU's, and wound up putting
> back the way it had been. Of course, the linkage between the SU's fell off
> as I was reinstalling the carbs. No big deal, I refitted the linkage, and
> reinstalled the carbs on the 73.
> Problem is, the 73 now runs extremely rough. I've checked for vacuum
> etc. I have not touched any adjustments, as it seems to me that they
> be fine, since nothing was changed.

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