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shot myself in the foot again...

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Subject: shot myself in the foot again...
From: "Marc" <>
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2002 16:33:02 -0500
I decided to try an experiment which didn't work out so well. I took the
dual SU's and manifold off my 73 B (which ran great beforehand), and bolted
them on my 80 B in place of the Weber DGV I had on it. I was very careful
not to disturb the carbs during this process. I didn't muck around with any
of the adjustments, etc.

I could not get the 80 to run with the SU's, and wound up putting everything
back the way it had been. Of course, the linkage between the SU's fell off
as I was reinstalling the carbs. No big deal, I refitted the linkage, and
reinstalled the carbs on the 73.

Problem is, the 73 now runs extremely rough. I've checked for vacuum leaks,
etc. I have not touched any adjustments, as it seems to me that they should
be fine, since nothing was changed.

Before I delve into it further, I was hoping there was something obvious
(though not to me!) that I should or shouldn't have done... Can anyone
provide guidance on this?

Thanks in advance!
Marc Siegel, Charm Net LLC  eMail:
Baltimore, MD      voice: 410/361-8160

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