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MGA floorboards

To: "MG Board" <>
Subject: MGA floorboards
From: (Baker, G.)
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2002 11:02:05 -0900
   I finished cutting and drilling the floorboards for my 58 MGA.  I used 1/2"
exterior treated plywood instead of 3/8" because I read it would not be a
problem.  Now the problem.
   The extra width doesn't allow the screw holes to line up in the back tunnel
cover and the brackets attached to the round crossmember running between the
side frames.  The holes in the back tunnel cover are too high.  The fixes I
see are:
1.  Drill new holes in the metal tunnel cover or
2.  Route the two floorboards to the original 3/8" thickness where the bottom
tunnel flange sets on the floors or
3.  Make a new set of main floorboards out of 3/8" wood.

   I don't think the 1/2" size will disturb anything else in the replacement
of the floorboards but if anyone has an idea of a potential problem I would
appreciate hearing your views.  I have no problems in making a complete new
set using 3/8" stuff.

Thanks for the input and time,
Greg Baker

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