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Re: Valve clearances? (Beginner)

Subject: Re: Valve clearances? (Beginner)
From: Bert Palte <>
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2002 21:30:35 +0100
At 09:14 12/11/02 +0100, you wrote:

>Last weekend I've checked the valve clearances and found the
>following values:


>  Unfortunately I haven't found anything about tolerances.

>What about the values
>I've found?

Menno, IMHO it is better to have somewhat larger clearances than smaller ones.
Then the cooling is a bit better. That's what my dad taught me about 30 
years ago...

With most B engines, clkearances large or small, the valve t rain is rather 
audible anyway!

BTW the rockers on my 70 B are soooo terribly worn that it isn' t possible 
any more to adjust them properly, i.e. from one revolution of the engine to 
the next one you will  find something quite different for the tappet 
clearances. Has been the same as long as I own the car, 13 years now.

Not that I mind very much. It did not prevent me from making an 5500 km / 
3500 mi. trip from Holland to Norway vice-versa last year...

Holland, Europe
1970 B

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