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MG Spotting

To: MGS <>
Subject: MG Spotting
From: Eric <>
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2002 00:30:46 +1030
This little city of ours never ceases to amaze me.

Heading in to work today (beautiful day for a topdown drive) I stop to
turn right at a set of traffic lights and what should buzz past in the
opposit direction?  The driver had a big grin on his face so he knew he
was driving something special!.

One of those little boat-tal M-Types (I have only seen one before in
real life - and that was at a concours here).

I certainly wasn't expecting to see one mixing it with morning traffic.

It made my morning.

Oh yeah, last weekend I came up behind an MG-F Trophy in traffic. 
Pulled up beside it and yelled out "nice car".  The drop-dead gorgeous
blonde behind the wheel steadfastly refused to look - obviously used to
being hassled - until she finally glance over to see my little old 'B. 
The grin was the clincher... I was in love (at least for the next 50
yards before she turned off down a side street and I lost her :-)

And what the heck, while I am at it, at our weekend race meeting someone
decided this was a good chance to move a little stock so they brought up
four lovely, shining MG RV8s for sale.  Finally they are getting
reasonably priced (but still outside my budget while I pour all my money
into Primrose).  The cheapest on sale was $AU32,000 - which must be
about $US32.00 :-)

Adelaide, South Australia

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