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MG 14/40

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Subject: MG 14/40
From: "Ray Bradbery" <>
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 20:09:29 +1100
Hi everyone, I have the opportunity to acquire an MG 14/40. Does anyone know
what the value of a solid car is. It needs restoration but is still all
assembled. Has been stored for many years (not sure exactly how long)
Paintwork is OK as is bodywork, and trim, instrumentation etc. Engine is all
intact but I haven't started it. Does appear to be some woodwork required
though but that is not unexpected.
The car is in Australia.

Ray Bradbery,
1947 MGTC
1951 MGTD
1968 MGB V8
2002 MGTF
1959 Austin Healey BN7
1958 Morris Minor Pickup.
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