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Re: Fuel line fitting thread

To: Larry Colen <>,
Subject: Re: Fuel line fitting thread
From: David Councill <>
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 09:52:05 -0700
At 09:43 PM 11/14/2002 -0800, Larry Colen wrote:
>Since I can't feasibly remove the steel line from the car, I removed the 
>oddment and
>brought it to the hardware store, and the parts store.  I can find
>pieces that fit onto the (female threaded) oddment, and based on
>those, get an adapter that is  female threaded on one end and a
>"nipple" on the other.


I'm not sure the size - I'm thinking its pipe thread. But my question is 
why can't you just remove and replace the line? The line on my 72B had the 
one end to the fuel line cut off to accomodate some aftermarket pump. To do 
things right, I just replaced the line so I can put a SU fuel pump back in. 
That was last week's project. It wasn't overly difficult but I did have to 
shape the new line to fit the bends correctly so it took an hour or two to 
remove and replace. I'm speaking of the line from tank to pump but the 
other line (pump to carbs) would be similar, perhaps a bit easier. Lines 
should be available from Moss or a Moss distributer.

David Councill

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